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Colin on the issues

  • Bringing Jobs to Kent County: Through Colin’s work with businesses and local governments, as well as working in the Senate to make Kent County and Delaware business friendly, new jobs are coming to Kent County.
  • Saying “No” to Big Wasteful Government: Colin is the only Senator to continually question and oppose the huge wasteful increases in government spending of your tax dollars.
  • Preserving Our Quality of Life: As the Senior Member of the Capital Improvements Budget Committee, Colin is making sure the needs of our communities receive the attention they deserve. Colin has supported hundreds of projects throughout our district and Kent County to help relieve traffic problems and safeguard our environment.
  • Putting Children First: Making sure the money in public education gets to the classroom where it belongs. Protecting our most precious resource (our children) by making schools safer.
  • Looking out for Senior Citizens: Fighting to protect pensions and retirement income from excessive taxes. Strengthened nursing home laws to ensure proper care. Making sure Seniors have access to the health care they need and he supports exempting military pensions from state taxes.
  • Fighting to Stop Illegal Immigration: Voted “No” to giving illegal aliens driver licenses in Delaware and sponsored bill to make sure there are no “sanctuary cities” in Delaware. Colin believes our government should put the needs of U.S. Citizens before the needs of illegals.
  • Fighting Crime: Safer Communities through tougher crime laws for violent offenders.

Our Approach

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